About Us

“I like how inclusive Truth Be Told is. You can have a rapper in the same place a classical composer you rarely ever see that these days”

Meet the team.

Remi Adefeyisan- Producer, lyricist

Remi -

Remi Adefeyisan a Manchester-based lyricist and producer. He has been a part of the Manchester arts scene for many years and has performed and put on shows in Manchester and around the UK including places such as:

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Royal Northern College of Music, Home Manchester, Liverpool Brouhaha Carnival and the University of Salford

Knowing how hard it is to progress in this sector. Remi is very keen to get narratives from black, ethnic minorities and working class communities out into the wider arts sector. He also wants to do this by providing a platform for those communities to launch their ideas.

Elliot Cole – Producer, Poet

Image of Elliot

Elliot Cole is a Manchester based Producer who helps people in the creative arts scene to go from the start-out-phase through to getting their foot in the door and beyond. Elliot is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through meaningful projects, is excited about where Truth Be Told is headed and is committed to the goals and values that Truth Be Told holds.
Elliot grew up in Manchester around drugs, alcohol and violence and became influenced in his early teens by people who offered music, sport or business as positive alternatives. Elliot started out attempting to write lyrics and through several years of trial and error he became astute in his craft getting some acknowledgment along the way. He has gone on to record and perform in various establishments around UK, Europe and is currently working on a concept album.
Elliot is always looking for ways to improve, he enjoys having good conversations with friends over food, conscious Hip-Hop and is an avid squash player.

Our Story

“It is so good that we have an organisation that promotes artist who do not normally have a voice”

Truth Be Told was formed in 2012 by Remi Adefeyisan.

Truth Be Told started because as an artist growing up in Manchester, Remi found that there were not enough platforms where artists could express themselves alongside artists from different artistic disciplines. What started out as an artistic quest to find like minded artists ended up also being a social quest too.

He found that people of ethnic and working class origins were not represented well in the arts and culture sector. Furthermore the narratives that were presented of people from working class and ethnic backgrounds were usually created by people who were not from the same background as them. Even though the stories shared in the plays were about ethnic and working class people. The people who were the major driving force behind these stories had very little input in the creation of these productions.

Truth Be Told was then created to fill this void. And we have now put on shows all around the UK including at Ed Fringe, HOME Manchester, Salford University, Liverpool Brouhaha carnival to name but a few.

We have a unique way of working which we have called montage theatre. This is a process where we allow artists the space to express themselves through their discipline. Ethnic and working-class individuals massively contribute to each production making our work relatable to people who come from the same background.




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