True Stories

There’s a story behind every face that you couldn’t make up. True Stories journeys through dark moments, unsettling and captivating personal stories of four different artists. Their foundations and art forms may come from all over the world, but they all have one thing in common; each of their stories is true.

Seamlessly blending spoken word, instrumentation, hip-hop, singing and storytelling, this new show explores emotions of human fallibility, including depression, a broken heart, modern slavery, disappointment and let down of an alcoholic parent.

These four wonderful artists take us on a journey of sadness and healing through their ‘TRUE STORIES’

Remi Adefeyisan – critically acclaimed lyricist, spoken word artist

Ilona Krieva – University of Salford Graduate professional actress

Sarah Yaseen – Sufi singer songwriter and guitar

Wayne Pilgrim – Expression through movement physical performer

Produced by Remi Adefeyisan, Truth Be Told brings together people from different backgrounds who have settled into Manchester trying to integrate into the wider community. Their aim is to challenge the BAME community to access the world of Art, thus help challenge the obstructions felt, wanting the help to integrate.

“The framework for True Stories is dramatic and striking… Feels like a grab-bag of ideas and some of them are very good indeed.” – Manchester Theatre Awards

True Stories journeys through four talented artists’ stories of sadness and healing… A collection of stories told through different mediums, and all having an impact that creates different emotions throughout the audience.” – The Northern Quota

★★★★ Theres no doubt we need to see more of Truth Be Told; its time there are more platforms for performers like these in True Stories.” – North West End


Warehouse workers

The day after a raid on a warehouse the workers go back to work.

Warehouse workers is a musical discussing the day to day lives of the normal working men and women who live in the UK. You will here stories of struggle of happiness of dreams and asperations and of apathy as they come to terms with the 9-5 lifestyle.

Artists in this production are:

Remi Adefeyisan: Lyricist, performer and musical producer from Manchester

Abdul Yussuf: rapper and visual editor from Manchester

Get Involved

We are always looking for artists to take part in our productions. We accept artists from all disciplines in our productions. If you would like to be involved in our productions fill out the form below.

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